Chauvet MegaStrobe FX12 Strobe Light

Mega Strobe FX12 is a high-power strobe light powered by 12, 3-watt white LEDs. In addition to a strobe light, it also projects a mesmerizing eye-candy effect and functions as a wide area wash. Mega Strobe FX12 includes several sweeping and eye-popping effects to electrify any dance floor!

  • High-power, LED strobe light creates mesmerizing chase effects using 6 sections of control
  • Functions as a high-speed strobe light, audience blinder or an all-on work light with dimming capability
  • Easily and securely transports from gig to gig due to a lightweight, robust housing
  • Covers a large area with intense strobe effects thanks to a wide coverage angle
  • Easily control dimming, strobe rate, chases and operating modes using advanced software without a controller
  • Save time running cables and extension cords by power linking multiple units