APB-DynaSonics ProDesk-432 32-Channel Analog Mixer

  • 32 Mic/Line Input Channels
  • 4 Stereo Line input channels with Split Track capabilities
  • Input channels include high quality 100mm Faders, Internally illuminated Mute and PFL switches, 6 segment channel metering, 48 Volt Phantom Power switch with LED, mic/line, Pad and Polarity Reverse switches
  • 6 Auxiliary sends are switchable pre/post fader in pairs and pre/post EQ as a pre fader group and include 1 pair of auxiliary sends that are switchable between mono and stereo operation
  • 4 band EQ with sweepable mid-frequencies with a 1 octave bandwidth and EQ On switch with LED, Variable High pass filters with a 20Hz-400Hz with On switch with LED
  • Outputs include 6 Auxiliary outputs, 4 analog subgroups, 4 matrix outputs, Left/Right, Center, and Mono (subwoofer), all include XLR Balanced output connectors, TRS pre fader insert points, and TRS Balanced bus inputs
  • Digital USB Stereo Input and Record Output
  • Four (4) channel mute group system with individual channel mute group active indicators
  • Remote muting of all primary outputs using a single opto-isolated Phoenix connector and may be configured to respond to an external open or closed (relay) circuit
  • Internally illuminated PFL, AFL, and Mute indicators on all input and primary output channels
  • Spectra derived construction includes the use of mother and daughter board construction for easy service and uncompromised performance
  • Low phase shift and extended bandwidth design
  • Plug in Power Supply (same unit as used on Spectra Consoles) for ultra reliability
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