d&b audiotechnik T10 Loudspeaker

The T10 is a very compact loudspeaker system which can be used both as a line array and as a high directivity point source speaker. For these applications the T10 cabinet provides two different dispersion characteristics which can be swapped over without any tools.

The core of the design is a unique combination of a rotatable waveguide with horn and an acoustic lens. The horn natively provides a vertical line source with 90° horizontal dispersion. The lens is part of the front grill and widens the HF dispersion in line array mode to 105°. When used upright as a point source, the lens curves the wavefront of the line source providing a 90° x 35° dispersion pattern.

The T10 is a two way design employing dual 6.5” drivers, a 1.4” exit compression driver and a passive crossover network. The low drivers are positioned in a dipolar arrangement providing an exceptional dispersion control towards low frequencies. Its frequency response extends from 68 Hz to above 18 kHz.

The T10 enclosure is constructed from polyurethane integral hard foam with an impact and weather resistant black paint finish. The cabinet shape allows the system to be set up as a single unit in upright orientation or as a line array in user defined vertical configurations. The front of the loudspeaker cabinet is protected by a rigid metal grill in front of an acoustically transparent foam.

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